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Initiative designed to build the largest 4IR Community in Malaysia.

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Building digital hub for insights and awareness on IR 4.0 in all segments of society.

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Developing talents to become specialist in the digital world.

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“The advent of Industrial Revolution 4.0 paved a new way towards a digitalized industry in our country, creating new jobs and streamlining operations in every organization. However, even with new initiatives taken by our government to accelerate the adoption of IR 4.0, a big chunk of our industry, especially SMEs are still slow to adopt IR 4.0.” (The Sun, 2017)

It takes more than just the implementation of new methods and utilization of latest technology to propel an organization. The PEOPLE, primary cogs and wheels of an organization, also requires a transition from a traditional thinking to a progressive mindset that is malleable to change.

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“Helping You to Be IR 4.0 Future Ready with Our Tunnels”. To overcome the talent gap of skilled workforces specialized in IR 4.0, we at PEOPLE 4.0 are dedicated in filling the human resource pool with a fresh wave of talents equipped with the knowledge in IR 4.0. We accomplish this through four different directions: 


The definitive community circle that gives you the best value for training and professional certification.


Connecting digital inspired thought leaders with the talents, industry players and decision makers under one roof for an invigorating sessions at conference.


Bridging industry experts of Malaysia to explore the potential of organization in embracing the digital change towards IR 4.0.


Our Sponsored Programs seeks to achieve career transformation for individuals that aspire to become a specialist in IR4.0.

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