All you need to know to be IR4.0 ready to create awareness, we first need to start with education. As the core of our mission is to educate and help SMEs embrace IR 4.0 and experience the benefits it brings to doing business, we provide free interactive training and learning for all our members.

Free Training Courses

By partnering with industry experts and leaders of IR 4.0 transformation worldwide, we provide free training courses for our community, covering topics such as infrastructure, digitalizing the workspace and more. You will learn a myriad of new information and get a better understanding on how IR 4.0 works, and how can you leverage on the advancements it brings to take your business to the next level.


Our e-Learning modules cover all areas of IR4.0 and digitalization from the most basic that you need to know, to more advanced topics like Machine Learning and AI. All modules are available for access 24/7 via our online learning platform.

Digital Leadership

Learn what it takes to become a business leader in the IR4.0 world from organizations that sperheaded IR4.0 and digitalization such as Microsoft, Cisco, and more.


Being part of PEOPLE4.0 allows you to take part in coaching sessions with business leaders from all around the world to share their knowledge and experience digitalizing their business in the wake of IR4.0. Through our coaching sessions, you will get a better understanding on digital transformation, and learn the do’s and don’ts from the experience of those who’ve made it

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