The process: How does digital money flow?

The advantage: How does the profit increase?

The catch: Challenges you might come across

This topic will discuss how Covid-19 has affected most of the businesses in Malaysia. But, does the effect is actually bad or does it turn out good for some of the businesses?

Many SME entrepreneurs face issues adapting to the digitalizing economic environment since the beginning of IR4.0. When the Covid-19 pandemic hit, it forced every business operation to transform in order to survive in the New Normal. But, is it something difficult to do? With the right guidance, digitalization is just a matter of doing things logically. We will show you the way in the third episode of our webinar.


The right way to digitalise your finance

Reasons why fintech is the way forward

The framework & how to build it.


Datuk Dr Daud Bakar Ph.D. is a name that’s no stranger in the global Shariah financial scene. With a doctorate from the University of St. Andrews, a bachelor’s degree in Shariah (Fiqh wa Usuluhu) from Kuwait University; and memberships with Dow Jones Islamic Market Index (New York), Muzn Islamic Banking (The National Bank of Oman) and BNP Paribas (Bahrain) -Datuk Dr.Daud  is a subject-matter expert who has published many academic journals and conducted several conferences on Shariah finance around the Globe. He currently serves as the Chairman of the Shariah Advisory Council at the Central Bank of Malaysia, the Securities Commission of Malaysia and the Shariah Supervisory Board of The International Islamic Liquidity Management Corporation (IILM).

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