The SME GROWTH SERIES brings together industry leaders and business professionals to share with you knowledge, insights and experiences about Industry Revolution (IR) 4.0 that have revolutionised their businesses. Our SME GROWTH SERIES consist of SME Virtual Webinar SME Connect and SME Conference.

The SME GROWTH SERIES objective is to encourage the SMEs in Malaysia to adopt digital technology, improve cost efficiency and enhance business opportunities. PEOPLE 4.0 is an initiative that aims to build the largest SME community of like-minded entrepreneurs who are passionate about growing their businesses.

Why SME need to attend our
SME Growth Series

Gain insights from technology experts and business leaders on Industry 4.0

Better understand the challenges and opportunities that IR4.0 presents

Learn about the digital tools and solutions available today which can expand your business to the next level

Get all your questions and concerns on IR4.0 addressed and answered by the experts in our Q&A session

Get a FREE SME Productivity Training and PEOPLE 4.0 Community benefits when you join our webinar!

Our SME Virtual Webinar

SME Connect

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