SMEs focus more on job based type of training compared to industry based and personal effectiveness training.

In partnership with New Horizons Malaysia, we are offering online learning courses OLA which is very suitable for current time, even we are grounded, restricted movement, but we are still connected with the industry’s trend.

This method is cost effective and save time for all the learners, not just SME. Results is measurable and it is flexible, you can access it anytime, anywhere.

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Online Anytime Designed for SME

These are two courses which we handpicked to suits current SME while they are struggling with sustaining business and wanted to grow more during this adversity:

Productivity & Collaboration Tools

Over 1,000 modules included in the course:Microsoft Office, Adobe, YouTube, Data Analaytics for Power BI, Google, Android, Ios, MindManager, SAP, Tableau and many more

Materials included:Online courses, e-book, video demonstration

Microsoft office knowledge center

Over 300 modules included in the course: Access 2016, Formatting, Office 365, Excel 2016, OneNote, PowerPoint 2016, Project 2016, SharePoint 2016, Skype, Word 2016 and others

Materials included: Online course, E-book

Collaboration Opportunities

Position your brand differently through learning program that enhance customer relationship.

Increase reach and generate qualified targeted leads by accessing to more key decision makers from SME who are looking to elevate their businesses to next level

Strengthen your brand awareness by supporting community advancement

Capture latest insights and share best practices with peers and industry players

Collaborate with us!